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Radiation Safety / Re: Canadian Radiation Protection Test
« Last post by Dave Warren on Today at 08:15 AM »
I do agree with the post from "fiveeleven". Darlington had an alpha issue when I was there and the outrage from the CNSC (Canadian NRC) was equivalent to Chernobyl damn near. They have hearings that are televised live and the utilities have to come in and explain why they exposed people to alpha. I would say that knowing your alpha interactions, etc. would be a very vital thing to have in your tool bag when you sit down in the exam room.
Radiation Safety / Re: Canadian Radiation Protection Test
« Last post by UncaBuffalo on Yesterday at 07:27 PM »
I talked to a couple of people who took it and passed...barely. And all others in their groups flat-out failed. And they said at least one group had zero percent pass rate.

Apparently it's not so much a matter of the theory being different, but it's a timed test and most people couldn't get from joules deposited per kilogram to units they understood...and then back to becquerel (or whatever) quickly enough?
Nuke News / Cities Snub Plan to Save Nuclear Power With Mini Reactors
« Last post by Marlin on Yesterday at 12:03 PM »
Radiation Safety / Re: Canadian Radiation Protection Test
« Last post by fiveeleven on Yesterday at 09:59 AM »
C'mon man - Ima thinking that the radiation up North is the same as here. If ya can pass the NUF, or god-forbid even mentioning it - the NEU, the Canuck version should be a piece of pie. Just have to emphasize that thou shalt not release a big pile of potentially Tritiated dirt with a frisker !! I seem to recall they were focusing on legacy alpha up dere so if the site is so inclined perhaps some of the excellent DOE material available on 2He4 stuff.
Radiation Safety / Re: Canadian Radiation Protection Test
« Last post by UncaBuffalo on Sep 28, 2020, 05:29 »
Sounds like it's controlled by Chalk River, but at a different location? The guy who knows about it is production, so doesn't have a lot of RP answers...and is just finding things out on his side of game, so...I will post more as info trickles down.
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