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Nothing current about the status but it would seem that ORNL is not producing enough.

US restarts production of plutonium-238 to power space missions

Though PU-238 is produced in nuclear reactors, extracting it requires a prohibitively expensive isotopic separation process, so special production lines are needed.To remedy this, ORNL is developing a new production line under a US$15 million program. The process involves taking neptunium-237 (NP-237) feedstock from the Idaho National Laboratory, converting it to neptunium oxide, then mixing it with aluminum, and pressing it into high-density pellets. These are then bombarded with radiation in ORNL's High Flux Isotope Reactor to turn the NP-237 into NP-238. This, in turn, decays quickly into PU-238.

The newly made PU-238 is then dissolved, the plutonium is separated from the left-over neptunium, oxidized, and sent to the Los Alamos National Laboratory for final processing into pellets. Meanwhile, the remaining neptunium is recycled to create more plutonium. One bonus is that the new plutonium can be mixed with the existing substandard stock to bring it up to par.

With plutonium-238 sample, ORNL restores U.S. capability dormant for nearly thirty years
The article oddly has a Greenpeace photo stating "Nuclear Madness- made in France." There is no other mention of France in the article, and their much superior fuel reprocessing abilities.  Greenpeace is protesting the plutonium portion of the reprocessing recovery, being shipped off as waste to Japan.  I believe France had been storing their plutonium/MOX for fast breeder reactors, but decided against that option a decade ago (and shipped it as waste).
Wouldn't it be smarter to convince France to save and sell their future recovered Pu-238 for the world Pu-238 space needs?  They already have the capacity.
Nuke News / Re: Is nuclear energy the key to saving the planet?
« Last post by ksheed12 on Yesterday at 01:42 PM »
If the threat of "global decimation due to man-made global warming" convinces the kool-aid drinking environmentalists to support nuclear power then so be it. ;)

Oh yeah, a little long? I was about half way through when I decided to scroll to the bottom to decide if I was going to make it to the end.
otter gist reprocess commercial fuel, and they wood have enough to fly to the edges of the universe.
Nuke News / Is nuclear energy the key to saving the planet?
« Last post by Marlin on Dec 13, 2018, 06:49 »
This one is a little long but I think worth the read.

Is nuclear energy the key to saving the planet?
A new generation of environmentalists is learning to stop worrying and love atomic power.
Nuke News / ocean radioactivity
« Last post by SloGlo on Dec 13, 2018, 04:43 »

What I Learned from an Ocean Radioactivity Testing Project - Scientific American Blog Network
Thanks to both of you. That makes much more sense than what I was hearing in the bottom of this fifteen foot trench.
RSCS lost they contract because they were underbid by DZ.  They knew it was a possibility but were trying to keep the wages better.  This is straight from the horse's mouth.  I'm not telling you who the horse is.
Correction - RSCS lost the contract, DZ was not back-up, they are primary at Comanche now.
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