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Holiday Greetings / memorial day 2019
« Last post by SloGlo on Today at 01:39 PM »
yins awl have a grate memorial day week end, n thank you fore yore service two our vets.
Nuke News / NuScale and Sargent & Lundy Announce Strategic Relationship
« Last post by Marlin on Yesterday at 12:21 PM »
NuScale and Sargent & Lundy Announce Strategic Relationship
Nuke News / Final Oak Ridge gaseous diffusion facilities demolished
« Last post by Marlin on Yesterday at 12:16 PM »
Nuke News / Re: Radioactive contamination is found at middle school
« Last post by Mounder on Yesterday at 07:44 AM »
In their own NAU sampling report, the highest neptunium level found in the soil outside of the school calculates out roughly to 0.000002 pCi/gm and the Governor wants more sampling.  More work for health physicists!
The saga continues...
Seriously?! Westinghouse lays a big turd in the US with the roll out of the AP1000, breaks one utility and nearly breaks another, files bankruptcy, nearly breaks Toshiba, gets bailed out because " They're freaking Westinghouse man!", and NOW they get a government hand out from the DOE?!

Drain the swamp my a$$.
My  [2cents] for what it's worth.
Pretty crazy, but not to hard to imagine when the corporate office of the parent company is halfway across the country.
Nuke News / Re: Xcel's new plan: Coal-free by 2030, nuclear until 2040
« Last post by ksheed12 on May 22, 2019, 06:20 »
Giving the customer what they want, at least the majority of them.
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