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I-18-007: NRC to Hold Open House to Discuss 2017 Performance of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant

Source: I-18-007: NRC to Hold Open House to Discuss 2017 Performance of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant
Nuke Community / 2018 memorial day
« Last post by SloGlo on Yesterday at 09:27 PM »
hat inn hand, eye stand in reverence fore those who have fallen that we may bee free.
Navy Nuke / Re: R&D
« Last post by spekkio on Yesterday at 04:03 PM »
Firstly, I would like to introduce myself and why I am here. My name is Skipperooni. I am 29 years old. I have graduated with a BS (Bull$**t) in chemistry and physics. I am currently a graduate student and research assistant in physics at some crappy state university. I will be done with a master's degree in physics by May of next year.
Your salesmanship needs a lot of work, particularly when you're selling yourself and your accomplishments. You call your degree bullshit and your university 'crappy,' yet you want someone to hire you? I mean, I know career counselors at colleges aren't always the brightest bulbs in the box but you have to do better than that.

So, start with that and you may have some more job openings come your way.

Anyway, onto your career questions...

NUPOC means jack and shit to anyone inside of academia. I had a buddy learn that the hard way when he thought NUPOC was going to boost his resume enough to get into an ivy league grad school. Turns out they treat your service just like the Marine who did a 4 year enlisted tour as an 0311 - that is to say, they don't know and don't care to know the details between someone who has attended nuclear power school and manages a nuclear plant and someone who shoots rifles for a living or anything inbetween.

R&D at a university doesn't incur a lot of money and if you are interested in a better paycheck, you need to become tenured faculty at a university. You become tenured by getting research published, which earns the school government funding for more research. But you don't get paid well for any of that really until you are tenured faculty. Everyone has to pay their dues and that's your career pipeline in research.

You do have alternatives, one of which is to seek employment at pharmaceutical companies. My uncle does that and he makes quite a handsome salary.

If you want to go into the Navy then go for it, just understand that it's a diversion from your ultimate career path, not a progression toward it.
Navy:Staying In / Re: How would you fix the NNPP
« Last post by spekkio on Yesterday at 03:56 PM »
10 years in the Navy and being a student at prototype was hands down my worst tour ever.  I swear if I had one bullet and a free pass to shoot anyone it would be that asshole E-5 who screamed "no talking in the training area" every 15 minutes at someone whispering 2 cubicle rows away that I couldn't even hear.

Anyway, I wouldn't say it's "fixed." It does what it does. The senior/master chiefs are pissed off that it doesn't filter enough rocks, the submarine force is frustrated that all the JOs are hitting the fleet as O-2's and separating before shore duty thanks to delays in the pipeline. But hey, it's all perfect I suppose.
Navy:Getting In / Re: Chances with NUPOC
« Last post by spekkio on Yesterday at 03:50 PM »
Hey everyone, I've been looking into NUPOC and wanted to ask if I would be competitive for a SUB/SWO spot. I'm a college freshman attending Georgia Southern University but took a few classes at a local university so I'm technically a sophomore.
GPA - 3.2
Math / Science GPA - 3.0
Major - Manufacturing Engineering
Credit Hours - 48
Math SAT - 650
I'll be taking Calc 1 this summer & Physics 1 this fall. If I can maintain a 3.0 at the least do you all think I could be accepted?
For sub/swo, you're fine as long as you pass the interviews.

By the way, have you spoken to an officer recruiter? They can answer questions like these.
Navy:Getting In / Re: I want to become an officer - Shipping off December 11th
« Last post by TVA on Yesterday at 09:17 AM »
Pretty much she has pointed the finger to others throughout her posts
Navy Nuke / Re: Nuke/Seal?
« Last post by hamsamich on May 26, 2018, 11:40 »
Totally.  If you go in as a less technical rate and want to be a Navy seal eventually maybe that would work.  But go in for sure as a seal if you can get it straight up.  Counting on the Navy to help you do what you want to do after you get in is risky.  But going in to be a Seal without a back-up plan is a bad idea too.  Getting all the way to the end of that pipeline aint no joke.
Navy Nuke / Re: Nuke/Seal?
« Last post by MMM on May 26, 2018, 11:09 »
The point is, as a nuke, you will not be allowed to cross rate without doing something to get your NEC pulled, e.g. medical or UCMJ violation. If it's medical, you probably won't be cleared to be a SEAL, if it's a UCMJ issue, you probably won't be able to cross rate into anything leading to SEAL. If the OP wants to be a SEAL, he should enlist for that, not go nuke and try (and fail) to swap over.
Navy Nuke / Re: R&D
« Last post by MMM on May 26, 2018, 11:06 »
Chemistry technicians in Nuke plants start much higher than $30K/yr.($50K-$80K), and then get pay raises for the next 3-4 yrs + the annual raises that everyone gets. The work is as mind numbing as anything else. After you get some time, you may be able to get a teaching certification which would get you more money. I know instructors that get big bucks and have taken jobs all over the world. But if you want to put your life on hold for 5 years, go Navy. You'll meet a lot of talented people and it'll open doors for you that you don't even know that they exist. Good luck!

He's not talking about a school teacher. He's talking about being a chem tech instructor for a company. With the degrees plus some experience, that's a good path to decent money.
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