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Use Google to search our entire site, Google has over 100,000 pages of our site indexed.  This is great if you have no idea where it might be.


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Google has about 100,000 pages of our site indexed, but there are millions of pages on the NukeWorker site, if you know its in the forum, try using our custom forum search index.

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Search the Photo Gallery
Our photo gallery has pictures of nearly every nuclear facility in the world, organized by location.  There are over 5,600 pictures in 406 albums, in 28 regions. You can browse through our directory, or with our picture search appliance.

Nuclear Facility Picture Search

Search for a Job
If you are looking for a nuclear job, follow this link to search our nuclear job database, with hundreds of jobs to choose form.

Nuclear Worker Job Search

Search for a Resume
If you are an employer, you can search our resume database, with over 7,000 resumes.

Nuclear Employer Resume Search

Search for a Facility
Search our custom nuclear facility information database.  You can search by clicking on our interactive map, key word, or by looking it up in our facility directory.

Interactive Nuclear Facility Search

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If you are logged in to the forum, you can search for a friend, with our forum member search.

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You can search our online store for Nuclear Pride goodies like shirts and hats, as well as study information on CD's

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