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Mushroom Cloud04/21/10 at 18:28UncaBuffalo: Are you trying to tell me we were justified killin...
Mushroom Cloud04/21/10 at 08:41fritzon: let us not forget.... ever, this is what it took t...
Atomic Bomb Cloud over Hiroshima11/19/08 at 17:55UncaBuffalo: 70,000 people probably died as a result of initial...
I need someone to identify this detonation for me.06/25/08 at 08:35withroaj: This is the aftermath of the Redwing Seminole even...
IVY MIKE10/12/07 at 22:43M4Carb1n3: M4Carb1n3- don't ask how i got it but i have t...
HOOD02/07/07 at How can I get a photo of the Hood explosion photo?
NF-4587 This "Survival Town" house12/30/05 at 18:20ebanks: Operation Teapot, number 62, tower shot.
NF-250 The 37 KT Priscilla Test in 195712/30/05 at 18:17ebanks: Operation Plumbob, number 91.
The Stokes Test12/30/05 at 18:16ebanks: Operation Plumbob, number 99.
DOPPLER12/30/05 at 18:15ebanks: Operation Plumbob, number 102.
HOOD12/30/05 at 18:14ebanks: Operation Plumbob, number 93, highest yield NTS at...
GRABLE12/30/05 at 18:09ebanks: Operation Upshot-Knothole, number 42, airburst.
FIZEAU12/30/05 at 18:06ebanks: Operation Plumbob, number 110.
DIABLO12/30/05 at 18:03ebanks: This was part of Operation Plumbob, number 94.
DeBACA12/30/05 at 18:01ebanks: De Baca was part of the Hardtack II Operation. Nu...
APACHE12/30/05 at 17:54ebanks: Part of Operation Redwing. Number 82 at 1.85Mt.
Seminole12/30/05 at 17:35ebanks: This was part of the Redwing Operation. It was th...
I need someone to identify this detonation for me.05/17/05 at 10:13llawhorn: The category says "Nevada Test Site", bu...
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