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Trojan Nuclear Power Plant, Rainier Ore
Trojan Nuclear Power Plant (decommissioned)
Trojan Nuclear Power Plant (decommissioned)
Trojan Nuclear Power Plant (decommissioned)
Trojan Nuclear Power Plant (decommissioned)
Trojan Nuclear Power Plant (decommissioned)
Trojan Nuclear Power Plant (decommissioned)
Trojan FS crew 014.jpg
Cousin Dave
Trojan FS crew 015.jpg
Trojan FS crew 016.jpg
Trojan FS crew 008.jpg
The Pipe Monkeys: Craig and Ron
Trojan FS crew 009.jpg
Trojan FS crew 011.jpg
Powder Keg John
Trojan FS crew 012.jpg
Trojan FS crew 013.jpg
Fast Eddie
Trojan FS crew 001.jpg
"Git 'er done" Don
Trojan FS crew 002.jpg
Backstreet Dan
Trojan FS crew 006.jpg
Captain Countroom: Jack
Trojan FS crew 003~0.jpg
What's this guy on?
Trojan FS crew 007.jpg
Mary, Dave, Eddie, and Bob in a feeding frenzy
Trojan FS crew 003.jpg
Oh Kay then
Trojan FS crew 004.jpg
Uncle Bob, Jason and Mark
Trojan FS crew 005.jpg
Uncle Bob, Jason and Mark
Trojan D&D _03 161.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 162.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 166.jpg
Occifer Ron
Trojan D&D _03 168.jpg
Shift Soup
Trojan D&D _03 175.jpg
"Who goes there?!"
Trojan D&D _03 152.jpg
Bill and John
Trojan D&D _03 155.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 157.jpg
Some guy with a sawzall
Trojan D&D _03 158.jpg
Bud and Rocky
Trojan D&D _03 159.jpg
Piles of Motivation
Trojan D&D _03 136.jpg
That Bill guy, again.
Trojan D&D _03 138.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 149.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 151.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 153.jpg
James and Bill
Trojan D&D _03 127.jpg
James, John, Arlyn
Trojan D&D _03 131.jpg
Jimmy Lee, Operator Extraordinaire
Trojan D&D _03 132.jpg
John M. SFP job
Trojan D&D _03 134.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 137.jpg
Steve and Tom
Trojan D&D _03 119.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 089.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 090.jpg
Lady Di
Trojan D&D _03 120.jpg
Mike and Mini Me
Trojan D&D _03 126.jpg
Julie and Theresa
Trojan D&D _03 086.jpg
Julie, Steve and Mike
Trojan D&D _03 100.jpg
The man who needs no introduction.....
Trojan D&D _03 101.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 107.jpg
Hot Bod Todd
Trojan D&D _03 108.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 088.jpg
Melba Toast
Trojan D&D _03 092.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 093.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 094.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 096.jpg
Arlyn, the hardest working man in nuclear power!
Trojan D&D _03 080.jpg
Gary and Dan
Trojan D&D _03 082.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 083.jpg
Right said Fred
Trojan D&D _03 084.jpg
Jeff and Domilee
Trojan D&D _03 085.jpg
Julie, Steve, and Chris
Trojan D&D _03 073.jpg
Fred, Craig, and Jerry
Trojan D&D _03 074.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 075.jpg
Bird and Shib
Trojan D&D _03 076.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 079.jpg
Shmitty, Gina, and Tom
Trojan D&D _03 066.jpg
Gary and Jean
Trojan D&D _03 067.jpg
Jean, James, Craig, etc.
Trojan D&D _03 068.jpg
Mark and Lori
Trojan D&D _03 069.jpg
Feeding Frenzy
Trojan D&D _03 072.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 057.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 058.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 063.jpg
Take it off, Larry!
Trojan D&D _03 064.jpg
Rose and Meisha
Trojan D&D _03 031.jpg
Schell sweatin'
Trojan D&D _03 032~0.jpg
Trojan D&D _03 037.jpg
Odd Bob
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