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I need information on motels,restaurants,and local activities in the Ann Arbor Mich. area..Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Are you going to The Ford Reactor @ U of Mich?

Try callinf Butch Smith, or JR GRey.

For motels, there isn't anything cheep, but the guys on site should be able to steer you in the right direction for places to stay.

Yes Mike.I am reporting there on 2/12 and was interested mainly on lodging,I have a travel companion(My Rat terrier)and was trying to get some early info on pet friendly hotels w/hi speed internet,and not a great distance from the job site..
                 Thanks for the advice...

I'll try to get the above mentioned folks to supply some info.

Hey T. Vol,

Try this website........http://http://www.petfriendly.com/

Use the pull down menu to select the state you need. If the listings aren't for the area you are looking for then look below the listings and you will see.... 'Can't find what you're looking for? Search our Free Listings .

There were plenty of listings in Ann Arbor, just hover the mouse over the words pet policy and it will tell you the pet policy for that particular facility.

It gives the address, but I would still obtain the Phone number and verify the correctness of the website info.

Hope this helps.


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