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--- Quote from: Duke_Nukester on Mar 12, 2007, 04:21 ---I found an amazing place to eat while at The Cliffs.  On state Rte. 214 East of Rte. 2 just south of Annapolis is a wonderfully eclectic Irish joint called Killarney's Restaurant and Pub. 

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There's a really excellent German restaurant up that way too... with a superb selection of beers to boot.

Good luck on that one. We stayed in lexington park at the days inn.I think it's about $360 a week 20 miles from the plant

--- Quote from: eagle3delta on Jan 14, 2008, 08:55 --- >:(I'm having a hard time finding a place to stay during the outage at Calvert Cliffs. There is two of us and we would liken to find a place that has two bedrooms.  We want to save the $$$$$$$$$$    Does anyone know of a place?

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Finding a place to stay here is ruff. I'm already here and heard that the Day's Inn is up to $411.00 a week. The cheapest way to go is to camp and it's $390.00 plus electric. Take it Easy Campground has a Bunk house which I believe is $250.00 a week but you can call on details.

The Days Inn in Lexington Park, about 19 miles from the plant, is charging $58.83 including taxes.  You get a refrigerator, free daybreak breakfast and microwave included.  They need to increase per diem at this site, but what's new.  They should do that at a lot of places.   

I have a cottage in North Beach which I use as a vacation house, which I would like to rent. It is about 30 miles from the power plant.  The house has 1 bathroom, 3 bedrooms and is vacant now.  At present it has one single bed, 2 tables and 6 chairs, some other assorted furnishings, but is not fully furnished (no sofa, drapes, etc).  It does have all appliances and cable TV, and is warm and comfortable.  I am getting 2 queen beds for the other bedrooms.  The cost per room would be $200 per week/$700 per month. Or $2000 per month for the whole house (including utilities). If interested, please reply to kathleen4757@comcast.net, or you can call me at 443-742-4841.

Thanks, Kathy


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