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Chesapeake Hotel..... 1800/mo, suites w/ kitchens, bath, on site laundry in Havre de Grace.
Check the net under that name, the rooms look pretty good.  (B&B style)

Rooms in a private home <5 minutes from the plant.  Please phone for latest weekly only rates. Very quiet; premium DISH TV including movie/sports channels; kitchen privileges; fridge; coffee/tea maker; sorry no WIFI; shared full bath but private sink (shaving, teeth brushing, etc.) in room; everything except toiletry articles and towels provided. Free fishing in private lake. Laundry facilities available extra. No smoking inside. Don't call if you are afraid of a dog.


 Absolutely no holds or reservations -- first come first served.

CALL 717-456-5189 or E-MAIL beryl.franklin@yahoo.com for details. PLEASE don't post questions to this site as I do not check often.

Feel free to call about any other information concerning the area. I'm happy to help any way I can.  Please state that you are a nuke worker when calling.

ADVICE: -- If staying in Delta Main Street business area your vehicle is in extreme danger!!! Vandals will do $1,000 worth of damage if they think they can get a pack of cigarettes, small change or gps.

This is a very rural location and convenient lodging is very limited. Make your arrangements as early as you can. Most camp grounds close on Labor Day.  Most of the houses/apartments that I know of require a long lease.

Hey this might be kind of early, but I recently bought a house that is exactly 8.1 miles from Peach Bottom. I have two extra bedrooms that I wouldn't mind renting out for the outage. Would give you access to the entire house for the 3 weeks. 500 bucks per room for the whole time. I think that works out to 20 something dollars/day. I can/will provide linens/towels, you provide your own food. You must be neat and clean though, as I am a bit OCD about that stuff. NO SMOKING! You can smoke outside if you desire, but absolutely NO SMOKING inside. It is in the sticks, quiet and safe with off street parking. My neighbors are "salt of the earth" types. If interested when the time comes, PM me here or email me and I will give you my phone number and we can dicker over anything else.


Ok my post sucks. :) Besides saying the "whole house is available for your use," let me be more specific. Laundry, TV (directv), microwave, deck, grill,  stove, fridge, table, chairs, bed, lights, garage, water, toilets, shower/tub, floors... haha ok I am being ridiculous.   :P You get the point. Since I work there too, we could probably car pool if our shifts line up.


PS I can't promise each room will have its own TV by then, but right now it is a 66.6% chance. Either way, price is same.

Smooth Operator:
I found the Super 8 in Aberdeen, MD (about 35-40 min to parking lot) to be clean and quiet and quite reasonable.

There is basically nothing around the plant aside from the Peach Bottom Inn which is most likely booked, unless you find a private house or room nearby.

Perhaps inquire with the gentleman posting before yours.


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