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Will gasoline prices affect your Outage travel?

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won't affect me as my company pays for the rental car, gas , etc... but i know it most likely will affect other ppl

Brett LaVigne:
I live in Michigan and like to work out west. The gas prices won't have any impact on where I work, travel usually covers my gas even at $4+/gal when I travel alone. It has never been able to cover hotel stays unless working plants with no cap like San Onofre and Diablo Canyon so that will be nothing new.

The increasing cost of gas does continue to push the thorn in my side a little deeper when I think of actual wages throughout the industry for us travelers. The cost of just living is growing by leaps and bounds (especially fuel and how it impacts the cost of everything else) and the pay remains the same.

So does the cost of gas impact the travel to and from a plant? Yes, but more than that it makes me look harder at whether or not all of the extra expense involved with being a rent-a-tech is really worth the net financial results. More and more this job is becoming a very modest living compared with the extraordinary efforts and resposibility required to make a living swinging a meter.


--- Quote from: Remo Williams on Jun 10, 2008, 06:12 ---These Nuke plants are going to have to come up off this 21 to 23 cent's a mile with caps at 200 to 300 dollars. This is by far the worst i have seen in the 17 plus years i been a Road Whore.

--- End quote ---
The rent-a-tech companies 25 years ago paid more than this! Hard to believe people are accepting this kind of money. But I guess a tech has to do what you got to do. Glad I don't have to make these kinds of decisions now. I think it'd be time to find something else to do. $300 bucks wouldn't get the RV out of town!

driv a gas miser 'n stay in motels.  spend da cash on da bed, 'n save it in fuel.

 if i want to drive my company pays the fed rate. or i get the fed rate for the wife to drive me to the airport :) so what is the mileage rate that most ppl are recieving from bartlett,atlantic etc etc ???


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