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NRC Rule change concerning working hours.

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I've talked to a couple higher ups at 2 plants, and I've been reading on the NRC site.  The newest bottom line for HP types and some others seems to be 3 days off for every 15 days (for less than 60 day outages I believe).  Does this mean you can work a 72 hour week one week and then a 60 hour week the next?  I've also been told that it won't be put in to place for 12-18 months. 

It's hard to make out what they are really talking about due to the legal-ease-ish way everything is written, and it is written a different way in different parts of the nrc website.

Anybody who is better at wading thru this crap care to give me a better bottom line?  I've been reading very recent stuff on the NRC website that just got "voted on", however that works....

Hey Hammie.... I still be doing my usual here.  No recoil as of yet, heck my boss just did 21 and then came in the same night for another 12.  Remember, the pen motion is all in the wrist.

Mike McFarlin:
Its all schedule driven.

Aint that the truth.  Heck, I dont mind a few extra dollars every now and then.  Keeps me from having to work all year long.

from what I could see, the rule isn't going to effect the 'tech-in-the-trenches.' The most they'd have to do is pen-stroke us into and exemption or variance or whatever term they wind up applying.
The more things change ....


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