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NRC Rule change concerning working hours.

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    Not sure if the changes will eventually effect all aspects of the outages or not. But with most companies barely being staffed with sufficient personel especially during a busy season like the one that just ended. I do not foresee any major changes to how its implemented. in fact during my first week at quad cities my employer had everyone sign a waiver !!

Sounds like we are all underpaid..... especially if we are to be overworked.

I don't mind the swiping of the pen as long as the ink increases my paycheck too

The newest "NRC report 10 CFR Part 26 Subpart 1 - Managing fatigue" has some interesting stuff in it. I just received it from a friend. It is the new "summary of waiver issuance". I can't upload the file, it may be on the NRCs website (8/3/07). Anyway, for HPs during an outage it has the new "must have 3 days off in 15 day period" rule to be waivered.  How this will affect us I'm not entirely sure. Some plants will probably just issue waivers whenever and other plants may make you work a 60 one week then a 72 the next week, I don't know. Plus I don't think it goes into effect just yet, maybe next year? Just a heads up for people concerned about losing 12 hours of $$$$ every 2 weeks. I bet some people will like this rule though. I have mixed feelings.  I'd rather get 72hours but nice to have 2 days in a row off, If I can get it!!

Three days off in a 15 day period... heck I meet that working 72s.

72s still leave you with 3 3/4 days off in a week...... work me,  feed me.... pay me well ;D

Has anyone seen a date when these changes are supposed to take effect


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