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At Fermi, most of the NLO wear jeans and black polo shirts that the company gives us.  They also provide coveralls that many NLO wear also.  The licensed operators wear dockers and blue dress shirts.  Hope this helps.

If you haven't read this topic yet, here is a link:,4421.0.html

Good Luck with the interview.

I am a jeans and T-shirt guy, but ...  When someone comes in to interview with me, I like for them to look like they want the job.  First impressions are important.  I don't think a suit is necessary, but a tie at least.  Regardless the clothes need to be clean and pressed.  It seems that if you dress "professional" you act more professional.  It will come accross in your interview.  Sport coat and tie always are good because you can lose the coat and tie if you decide that is best and still look well dressed.  If you start in jeans and polo you are pretty much stuck.  Just my opinion.

When I interviewed at Sequoyah they told me either a button down  or polo shirt and a pair of decent pants and to please not dress past that because the interviewers wouldn't be dressed past that.

My second interview was held in a local pizza place. They told me to just wear jeans..


Hi all,

I need some assistance with closing the deal during and after an interview.  My background is experience at a DOE site as a control room operator, zero college, and no Navy.  My last interview for an auxiliary operator was with former Navy nukes (with DOE site experience), and degreed engineers (even one with a masters).  I'm getting calls for interviews so that must mean something.  I just can't figure out how to close the deal.  

I've had 2 interviews so far.  One fossil and one nuke.  The fossil was the traditional behavior type (give me an example of a time...).  I prepped for the next interview, the nuke, under the same premise (behavior type).  Wrong.  The nuke was more about teamwork and fitting in to an established high performing team.  Still a behavior type but not based on previous experience.  I have yet to hear about the last interview.  The day after my nuke interview I got a call for another auxiliary operator interview.  Like I said, I'm getting the interviews.  So that's not the problem.

My questions...
Am I really competitive or am I wasting the hiring manger's time and my vacation time?
Is there a hot button or issue that should be covered in a nuke interview?  during my DOE interview safety was a hot button.
Is a suit the best attire to wear for an interview for an auxiliary operator interview?
Any other ideas?  Maybe it's just me, my attitude, or my poor presentation skills.  I did feel out of place slightly.  Maybe that came through in my interview.  Look at the experience of the folks interviewing also.  I almost walked out before my interview.  I have several negatives to overcome (no college, no Navy...).
Is it hopeless?

Thanks for any help.

No you're not wasting yours or anyones time. You have experience as a Control Room Operator and I take it a license from the DOE. That means a lot.

Most commercial nuke plant interviews are roughly the same. They're all using targetted selection. (what you just described)

After the interview start bugging them IMMEDIATELY!!!! Then bug them constantly!



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